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self awareness, self discovery, relaxation, & laughter.

Spa Treatment

Infrared Heat Aromatherpay Treatment

Come in and experience 30mins of total relaxation while your body is detoxing, healing, and energizing!

This new treatment combines Infrared Heat, essential oils, reflexology techniques, Reiki, and Tibetan singing bowls. 

Here are a few of the many benefits you may experience:

*Pain relief  *Improved sleep and relaxation   *Increased energy *Helps burn calories   *Decreased joint pain & stiffness  *Reduced stress & fatigue   *Improved skin   *Revived cells   *Faster workout recovery   *Balanced hormones, thyroid, & lymph glands   *Improved circulation   *Assistance with PTSD & trauma recovery   *Decreased toxins  *Improved Cardiovascular function & immune system   *Reduced cancer cells   *Increased alkalized & purified blood   *Improved oxygen supply to the brain   *Reduced blood pressure   *Balanced Chakras

Please call Lynn or Denise to schedule your appt TODAY!

Lynn: 734-231-8491    Denise: 734-260-0421