Helping others live a healthier life through movement, breath,

self awareness, self discovery, relaxation, & laughter.


COURAGE is the Commitment to begin without any guarantee of success!



Upcoming Events at Kriya

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Build You Own Breakthrough (BYOB)/ Helpful Healthly Habits Roundtable with Erika and Lydia

Monday Sept 24


Cost: $45

* You MUST preregister and take a short survey BEFORE the roundtable.  You can do this by TEXTING "BYOB" to 248-672-2117 

This is a highly personalized round table discussion about nutrition and the mind connection that will lead to that breakthrough and allow you to experience a lifetime of good health! 

Are you struggling with....

Healthy eating, portion control, what's for dinner, self sabotaging thought and behaviors or limiting beliefs about self worth or confidence.

And want....

The truth about what to eat for maximum health, the low down on what a true portion size is, to stop the "eating out" cycle at dinner time, to release the thoughts and behaviors working against you, or to feel capable, competent and confident.

If you answered yes to any of the above then this roundtable is for you!  All you need to bring is an open mind and a willingness to work through the challenge that brings you to this class.

SoundBath Meditation with Lynn and Margaret

Wednesday Sept 26


Cost: $35

Reiki I Training with Lynn

October 13 and 14

10:00am - 4:00pm

Cost: $125

What is Reiki:

Reiki is a powerful natural system that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy.

Reiki is an evolutionary process that increases the natural flow of events and patterns of manifestation in life.

Reiki is always available. Once attuned to the Reiki energy, you never lose it.

Reiki is safe to use anytime, any place, any situation.

Reiki is an individual experience.

Reiki restores and balances natural energy.

Reiki is a powerful tool for preventing disorders, maintaining positive wellness, helping the healing process, personal development, and spiritual enlightenment. 

-Reiki First Degree Manual by Light and Adonea

Join Lynn on your journey of growth, development, self healing, and energetic connection!  This is truly a life changing training.  You will feel  connected to yourself, your higher power, and every living thing around you.  You will look at life in a different way.    Reiki I is about working on yourself.  The more free we are from stress, anxiety, and heavy emotions, the healthier we become. 

This training is limited to 10 participants. 

Contact Lynn today to reserve your spot!