Helping others live a healthier life through movement, breath,

self awareness, self discovery, relaxation, & laughter.


"We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity.  Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share.  This is a precious moment.  It is a little parenthesis in eternity."

- Paulo Coelho


Upcoming Events at Kriya

(Check our our special link for Kriya's 200 hr Yoga Training here)


All month long we will have a "Pose of the day" We are asking our Kriya Community to find "peace" in that pose, take a selfie while in the pose,  post it on Instagram and or Facebook and tag Kriya.  The top 2 posers/posters will receive 1 month of unlimited classes in November!  ONLY 1 post a day per person.  

Here is the list of poses starting with October 1st being Tree Pose!


1. Tree Pose                                                        17. Warrior II

2. Mountain Pose                                                18. Dancer

3. Easy Seat                                                        19. Forward Fold

4. Child's Pose                                                    20. Standing Back bend

5. Boat Pose                                                       21. Table Top Pose

6. Moon Flower Pose                                          22. Balancing Half Moon

7. Warrior I                                                          23. Peaceful Warrior

8. Seated Forward Fold                                      24. Camel Pose

9. Sunflower Pose                                              25. Crescent Lunge

10 Standing Spinal Twist                                    26. Downward Facing Dog

11. Cobbler Pose                                                27. Knees to Chest

12. Goddess Pose                                              28. Triangle Pose

13. Warrior III                                                      29. Plow

14. Hero's Pose                                                  30. Pyramid

15. Bridge Pose                                                  31. Cat Pose

16. Savasana

OM Tree walk and Meditationn with Lynn

October 6 at 10:15-11:15

Cost:  Donation Based

The easiest way to find peace and inner stillness is to be around nature.  By surrounding our self with the energy of the trees, sky, water and sun we are able to ground, cleanse, and release what no longer serves us without even thinking about it.  Please join us Saturday after our 9am class to walk amongst the beautifully changing trees in Elizabeth Park!  We will meet at the studio and walk to and through Elizabeth Park.  At the end we will practice a short mediation.  There is no need for a mat!   

Wine & Wellness with Dr. Mark Sawka MD


10/10 6:00-8:00pm

2500 Hall Rd. Woodhaven MI 48183

Cost: Free

Relax with a glass of wine and great hor d'oeuvres.  Meet Dr. Sawka and his staff to learn about his new body sculpting services.  Kriya will be at this event talking about the benefits of yoga and energy work along with other local wellness experts including our friends from Total Health Food. 

Please RSVP  (734) 675-1280

Reiki I Training with Lynn

October 13 and 14

10:00am - 4:00pm

Cost: $125

What is Reiki:

Reiki is a powerful natural system that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy.

Reiki is an evolutionary process that increases the natural flow of events and patterns of manifestation in life.

Reiki is always available. Once attuned to the Reiki energy, you never lose it.

Reiki is safe to use anytime, any place, any situation.

Reiki is an individual experience.

Reiki restores and balances natural energy.

Reiki is a powerful tool for preventing disorders, maintaining positive wellness, helping the healing process, personal development, and spiritual enlightenment. 

-Reiki First Degree Manual by Light and Adonea

Join Lynn on your journey of growth, development, self healing, and energetic connection!  This is truly a life changing training.  You will feel  connected to yourself, your higher power, and every living thing around you.  You will look at life in a different way.    Reiki I is about working on yourself.  The more free we are from stress, anxiety, and heavy emotions, the healthier we become. 

This training is limited to 10 participants. 

Contact Lynn today to reserve your spot!


Chakra Circle with Margaret

10/20 10:15-2:30

Cost: $65

Join Margaret to learn about our 7 main Chakras, what emotions and energy we hold in each, and some ways to release what no longer serves us so we are able to find our inner PEACE and love.  

You must pre register for this workshop.  Spots are limited!