Helping others live a healthier life through community, movement, breath, self awareness, self discovery, relaxation,

& laughter.


"Reiki is love. Love is wholeness. Wholeness is balance. Balance is well being. Well being is freedom from disease."

-Dr. Mikao Usui

Energy Work



Reiki Master Teacher , Vibrational Sound Therapist, Trinity Energy Progression Therapist,  Ordained Spiritual Minister and Home/building Clearings

  Energy healing is limitless.  I am a Reiki Master Teacher and certified in Trinity Energy Progression.  I feel both methods of energy healing compliment each other. I have recently completed a Vibrational Sound Therapy Certification.  Adding the bowls to my sessions have been amazing!  They allow the client to connect to their physical and spiritual body quickly and at a deeper level.  All 3 trainings have been life changing.  They have allowed me to shift my way of thinking about the earth, myself, family, and community.  I am currently studying Polarity, Reflexology and aromatherapy.    

People often ask me what energy healing is about and what it does for us.  Accessing our energy helps to relax, heal, strengthen, connect, and  release.  It does whatever we need it to.  We all have the Light within us to heal and connect our body, mind and spirit.   I would love to have the opportunity to assist you in accessing your divine self.  I offer morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend appointments.  

All Sessions are $40 for 30 mins and $75 for 60 mins

To schedule an appt. with Lynn please call 734-231-8491 



Reiki III & Trinity Energy Progression Therapist

Receiving my Reiki III certification has been life changing and life enhancing!  Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique.  It uses universal life force energy to gently heal.  The energy opens up any physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual blocks so that the body can better heal itself naturally.  I am continually amazed and humbled by this technique!  I have see it destress, detox, re energize, relax, reconnect and of course heal many members of my family, friends, and Kriya clients!  I would love to help you feel your energy flow and help you inner light shine brightly.  Namaste' 

To Schedule an Appt with Denise please call 734-260-0421