Helping others live a healthier life through movement, breath,

self awareness, self discovery, relaxation, & laughter.



Yoga Classes

Personal Training


Energy Work

We provide yoga classes for all levels of experience.  All of our yoga instructors have completed their 200hr RYT and have a passion for sharing their practice with others.  Our class sizes are small which promotes a positive and loving community to grow together.

Health & Wellness

Kriya now offers Life Coaching Workshops, Mindfullness Classes and Nutrition Workshops.  

Nutrition allow us to learn what fuels our body so we can live our lives as physically healthy as possible.  

Life Coaching let's us explore our goals And gives us tools to make  life changes in order to achieve our goals.  

Please see our Upcoming Events for dates/times of classes and workshops! 

Our personal trainers develop a program specific to your needs.  Our cleints range from high school students training for their specific sports to seniors working to strengthen their cores, increase their flexibility, and help to relieve joint pain.  We offer free 30 min consultations.  

Ashtangasana 200 hr Certifaction Yoga Teacher Training

We are so excited to offer 200hr certified teacher trainings.  It allow students to deepen their practice, explore the history and philosopy of yoga , break down poses, learn to meditate, explore THEIR style of practicing and teaching yoga, and finally, the program prepares students to BECOME effective yoga instructors if they wish to teach.  

Energy Trainings are offered at Kriya several times a year.  This includes Reiki I, II, III, Chakra Circle, and Yoga Energy Medicine.

Please see our Upcoming Events page for dates/times for trainings.

All of our energy therapists have either been trained in Reiki or Trinity Energy Progression.  Both techniques increase self awareness, heal, strengthen, or reconnect our mind, body, and spirit.  It is a comforting and relaxing technique which works with our energy and helps to speed up recovering time and reduces pain and anxiety. 

Please visit our upcoming events page for all of our current workshops, trainings, groups, and classes! 

Thank you for visiting our site!  We are so excited to share our love of yoga, physical fitness, and holistic healing through yoga classes, personal training, massage, energy work, art, and nutritional counseling.  What makes Kriya Yoga Studio & Wellness Center different from other fitness facilities is our wonderful staff!  They bring different life and professional experiences, but share the same passion for helping others live a healthier life through movement, breath, self
awareness, self discovery, relaxation, and laughter!

All of our yoga instructors are RYT200 certified and our massage and Reiki therapists are certified as well.

Our studio is large but we have worked hard to provide a safe, clean, relaxed, and welcoming atmosphere.  We have served the beautiful community of Grosse Ile for over 10 years and now have the opportunity to serve Trenton as well.  Throughout the years, our journey has led us to specialize in yoga, one on one training, massage, energy work, and nutrition.  All five can benefit each and every one of us no matter what our age, movement level, or experience.  Sometimes all of these things can be intimidating, but you have our word that we will make you feel at home, gently guide you at your own pace, and assist you any way we can.

We look forward to being a part of your life journey.


We are located in the beautiful city of Trenton

3141 West Jefferson

Trenton, MI 48183