Helping others live a healthier life through community, movement, breath, self awareness, self discovery, relaxation,

& laughter.


 This month our theme is:

I am open to receive all of the blessings our abundant Universe has to offer.

May your day be beautiful, bountiful, blissful and full of blessings.



Thank you for visiting our site!  We are so excited to share our love of yoga, physical fitness, and holistic healing through yoga classes, aromatherapy, wellness therapy, one on one training, meditation, life coaching, and nutritional counseling.  What makes Kriya Yoga Studio & Wellness Center different from other fitness facilities is our wonderful staff!  They bring different life and professional experiences, but share the same passion for helping others live a healthier life through movement, breath, self awareness, self discovery, relaxation, and laughter! All of our yoga instructors are RYT200 certified and our wellness therapists are certified as well.

Our studio is large but we have worked hard to provide a safe, clean, relaxed, and welcoming atmosphere.  We have served all the Downriver communities for over 12 years.   Throughout those years, our journey has led us to specialize in yoga, one on one training, energy work, and meditation.  All five can benefit each and every one of us no matter what our age, movement level, or experience.  Sometimes all of these things can be intimidating, but you have our word that we will make you feel at home, gently guide you at your own pace, and assist you any way we can.

We look forward to being a part of your life journey.


Opportunities at Kriya

Kriya offers a wide range of services to best serve your needs.  Each one allows you to grow strong, let go of what no longer serves you, assists on your journey to good health, and connects you to a positive, peaceful, loving and supportive community!

Yoga Classes

We provide yoga classes for all levels of experience.  All of our yoga instructors have completed their 200 hr RYT certification and have a passion for sharing their practice with others.  Our class sizes are small which helps to promote a positive, welcoming, and loving community to grow together!

Energy Work

All of our energy therapists have either been trained in Reiki, Trinity Energy Progression, Vibrational Sound Therapy or Eden Energy Medicine.  All techniques increase immune health, self awareness, encourage healing, strengthening, and reconnecting our mind, body and spirit.  Each are comfortable and relaxing techniques which work with one or more of our 9 energy systems.  The session assists with speeding up recovery time from an injury or illness, reducing pain, anxiety and stress   



One on One Yoga  

Our yoga instructors develop a program specific to your needs, goals, and level of fitness.  Our clients range from high school students training for a specific sport to mature adults working to strengthen their core, increase flexibility, or help to relieve joint pain.  

Special Workshops and Trainings

Each month Kriya offers special workshops/trainings that are taught by guest or Kriya Instructors/professionals.  All of the workshops/trainings are developed to help you learn, grow and apply into your life on and off the mat.  

Nutritional Counseling with Lydia Kret MS, Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

Instead of looking for a new year's resolution or its's time to get into a bathing suit solution, with a quick fix for weight loss, how about looking at a permanent lifestyle change; one that is based on the basics of healthy sustainable eating.We've forgotten what it's like to eat at the most basic level. While we truly eat to live, we should also enjoy our food.  It should not only taste good but it should look good, fit our budget, fit our lifestyle and be nutrient filled.  It's time to get back to the basics! 

Lydia is availble for one on one sessions during the weekdays.


We are located in the beautiful city of Trenton

3141 West Jefferson

Trenton, MI 48183